1) No more than 10 absences in a semester
a) More than: 3 unexcused absences in 9 weeks or 5 in a semester = failing grade for     that grading period
b) No more than 5 times a semester can be excused by parental note
 i) Excused absences are:
(1) illness
(2) death in immediate family
(3) emergency conditions as determined by principal
(4) legal quarantine
(5) summons to court
(6) prior approval of principal
ii) All other absences are unexcused
2) More than 10 absences a semester will be coded unexcused unless there is a verified, documented medical condition that requires additional absences from school
3) After being absent, a student must have an admission form, signed by designated school personnel, to return to class
a) Admission form will denote excused or unexcused absence
 i) If unexcused, student has 3 days to get it changed to excused
 ii) Only those absences that are specified in 1.b.i) above are excused
b) A student will not be allowed in class without designated admission form after an absence
 4) Students exempt from semester exam in a class if 85+ average with no absences or 90+ average and one absence
5) Attendance policy applies to all students enrolled in school regardless of age
6) Complete attendance policy information is located at part 5.4 in Student Code of Conduct Handbook
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